Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year, New Blog

I decided to start a separate blog for fundraiser updates. I kind of felt like that's all I was posting about on my "real" blog and I want it to be more than that so it was just easier to separate the two. Here is what we currently have going on!

Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day I have preassembled Valentine's that are $10 for a package of 12. The options are as follows:

"I A'smore you"  - A Valentine filled with Teddy Graham cookies, heart shaped marshmallows, and hershey kisses 

This is the actual Valentine topper, I didn't preassemble this design for a photo because I didn't want the entire bag of marshmallows to go stale before packaging and shipping :)

"You Drive Me Wild" - Adorable Valentine topper featuring a little monkey, and a bag of animal crackers

"Glad we're in the same school" - Fish bowl shaped Valentine filled with either Goldfish crackers or Swedish Fish

Photos used with permission

"Love Bug" - Mason Jar shaped Valentine featuring a small toy bug 

"Bag of Kisses" - Valentine with Hershey Kisses that have cute sayings on the bottom!

"You Stole My Heart" - Valentine with heart shaped chocolates

Feel free to mix and match your Valentine's! I will ship the first week of February so they are nice and fresh when they arrive, unless you need them sooner. To order, please email me at or message me on facebook. I'll need your paypal address so I can invoice you.