Friday, May 8, 2015

Giveaway and an Update!

We have raised $3,118 so far with this giveaway! How cool is that?! We are $382 away from drawing for the Visa gift card, and $1,382 away from being DONE with the giveaway! We have a weekend in Reno and a weekend in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel to giveaway so please consider entering so we can wrap this up! Please leave a comment if you enter and let me know how much you donated, or if you shared, etc so I can get you added to the list of people who entered!

Now for a little update about where we are in the process! We are currently, and very impatiently, waiting for travel dates! All of our paperwork is done, it's in Bulgaria, and I check my email approximately 3,584 times a day for word from our agency that we can GO! Dave can't go with me because of work, but we are so incredibly grateful for our friends Jamie and Kristie who have stepped up to make this trip much easier! Jamie will be watching my kids, and Kristie will be going to Bulgaria with me, so keep their families in your prayers too. It's not easy to sacrifice for others, but I'm so thankful to have found good friends in this world who are willing to be in Cliff's corner. <3

Our FSP hasn't had much movement lately, which is totally my fault. I'm better at selling things to raise money than just asking for help. Maybe it's a pride thing (I know, that's bad!) but that's just the way I am! I haven't been able to make anything to sell since hurting my hand and being told to rest it or have surgery (no thank you on the surgery thing!) so I've been laying low. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be back in full force and able to craft my little heart out and wrap up this fundraising! 

For now we do have a couple things going on, we are selling capes, you can find more info on those here: Side note about the capes: I only need to sell 3 more in order to place the order, so if you would like one get that order in soon because I'm ordering as soon as I hit the minimum! (How many times can you say "order" in a sentence? Apparently several...)

We also still have a million popsicle holders to sell! They're grab bag style but feel free to specify if you would like boy, girl, or a mix of prints. They're $10 for a set of 7, that includes shipping.

We also have a Wildtree party going on! I'm not big on direct sales type stuff...if I'm being honest I kind of hate it. Wildtree is the only one I really love, and that's probably because it's food! haha It's delicious though and even for someone cheap frugal like me, I find the prices reasonable given that the products are organic, and don't have all kinds of GMO's and other nastiness...and it's still cheaper than eating out which is a trap I tend to fall into if cooking isn't super easy. :) 

Here is how the Wildtree party works. To shop, you go here:

You do your shopping, and when you go to check out it will ask you if you want to checkout through a hostess, and will give you an option to look up your hostess (that would be me!) so you type in my name: Priscilla Morse and I should pop up and you hit the little check mark and Cliff gets credit!

So, that's about it! Thanks again so much for helping us bring this guy home!

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